Organic Cotton Pillowcase Sizes

Pillow TypeSize (cms)Double StitchTailored
Cot60 x 401cm Double stitch border
Standard75 x 501cm Double stitch border5cm Flange border
King90 x 501cm Double stitch border5cm Flange border
Euro65 x 655cm Flange border

All sizes are in centimetres (cms) and products may vary slightly as many are generously hand made After wash sizes may vary due to care conditions

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Organic Cotton Pillowcases


Our organic cotton pillowcases are made with GOTS certified organic cotton yarn. Our chosen yarn is long and thick and once woven the fabric is rich, crisp and completely chemical-free. That’s important when it rests up against your skin all night. Even more important when your kids young absorbent skin is lying on sheets for 8 hours per day.

They feel comforting against your face and given they are chemical-free, are much better for allergy suffers than conventional cotton.

Each pillowcase pack contains a pair of matching pillowcases.

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Product Description

Organic cotton pillowcases

Our organic cotton pillowcases are made from thick, crisp GOTS certified organic cotton yarn. The best cotton pillowcase you can have next to your face. They get softer and softer with age, just like your favourite pair of jeans.

What makes our Organic cotton pillowcases so special?

They are made from organic cotton which is cultivated without toxic chemicals and finished without formaldehyde’s and other smoothers.  The longer staples produce stronger yarns that make the sheets crisper. Known for breathability, your skin will love our organic cotton.  No more allergies from invisible toxins. Longer lasting sheets because they’re made with thicker, superior yarn.

  • They’re made with double-weight, resort-style organic cotton
  • Luxurious bed linen with thick and absorbent yarn
  • Allergy friendly – no toxins, certified safe – making them safe for your skin
  • Menopause friendly – sleep better in breathable, slightly over-sized organic sheets
  • Free of toxic chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, synthetic fertilisers, formaldehyde’s and fabric smoothers – hypo-allergenic, no more allergies from invisible toxins, making these perfect for allergy sufferers.  These non-toxic methods are consistent with sustainable farming practices.
  • Longer cotton thread produce stronger, superior yarns that make our sheets crisper and last longer.
  • Very breathable and highly absorbent, your skin will love our cotton.  No more hot and cold sleeps, these sheets allow your body to sleep through.
  • Percale weave beautifully crafted in a 250TC with an extra thick, superior yarn
  • Machine washable. We recommend EcoStore laundry products


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Standard, European, King


Standard, Tailored


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