Luxurious pure Tencel eucalyptus quilt


  • 100% TENCEL inner fill
  • 100% TENCEL outer cover
  • 5 year guarantee on workmanship and materials
  • Gentle machine washable / tumble dry – no dry cleaning
  • Suitable for Allergy and Asthma Sufferers, no mould, no protein for dust mites to live
  • Made in Australia, it’s a luxurious 100% Tencel quilt


Our body releases up to a litre of water vapour while we sleep, every night.   TENCEL very quickly absorbs this moisture and then wicks it away from the body, leaving the bedding cool, dry and comfortable.

Anti-Bacterial: bacteria find it virtually impossible to grow, making it ideal for sensitive skin, allergies or asthma. Also it’s the perfect bedding fabric for babies, toddlers and children.


Tencel is a natural plant cellulose fibre. It is wood pulp fibre. The pulp dissolves in ammonium oxide solvent and spins directly. It is completely completed under physical action. Ammonium oxide solvent recycling, recovery of 99%, non-toxic, pollution-free, Tencel products can be biodegradable after use.


Chemical fibre moisture regain rate is 0.4%, cotton moisture regain rate is 8.0%, silk moisture regain rate is 11%, Tencel moisture regain rate is 13%. It shows that Tencel has the best moisture absorption, can absorb sweat from human body to the greatest extent and keep dry and comfortable. Tencel has 60% higher air permeability than cotton and is absolutely suitable for use in summer.

After solvent spinning, the bacterial source of Tencel is greatly reduced. There are many hydrophilic hydroxyl groups in Tencel. Hydroxyl groups easily form hydrogen bonds with water, so that Tencel has good water absorption properties. Therefore, the growth environment of bacteria and mites is more difficult, which makes the Tencel quilt take better care of the skin.

Tencel is superior to other fibres in cold and heat conductivity, similar to silk. Summer can reduce the temperature of sleep microenvironment by about 5 degrees Celsius. With the smoothness of Tencel, if there are conditions, the choice of fabrics are Tencel or silk summer quilt is more comfortable.

Luxurious pure Tencel eucalyptus quilt


Single, Double, Queen, King, Super King


Light Loft approx. 1-2 blankets, High Loft approx. 2-3 blankets

Luxurious pure Tencel eucalypt...


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