Top 9 Longevity Tricks for your Sheets

Top 9 Longevity Tricks for your Sheets

Replacing your bed linen frequently is costly and bad for the environment.
It pays to make your bedsheets last longer.

Most recent articles today state the average bed linen should be replaced every 2-3 years. This is a far cry from bed linen 50 years ago that lasted 10 years or more.

Wonder why?

50 years ago, sheets were typically made of 100% cotton with durable weaves. They were also washed less frequently, and exposed to far less chemical treatment than they often are today.

However, here’s 9 things you can do to care for your sheets to get more years out of them before that costly replacement set.


1. Use Only Gentle Eco-Friendly Laundry Powder/Detergent

The more diluted, the less wear on the fabric. This also prevents chemical residue, preserves elasticity in fitted sheets, and is safer for your skin.


2. Only Air Dry

Not only more environmentally friendly, air drying reduces wear and tear, heat damage, shrinkage, increases durability, plus, UV rays kill off microorganisms.


3. Machine-Wash Only on Gentle Cycles and Low Temperatures

While it is more energy efficient to not often use hot water, cold water is gentler on fabric, will not cause shrinkage, and is just as effective. It also preserves the colour of the item, and extends the lifespan of any elastics.


4. Not Over-Loading the Washing Machine

Ensuring each item has enough space to properly move during the wash cycle not only results in more thorough cleaning, but reduces wear and tear, and prevents detergent residue.


5. No Bleach

Bleach not only weakens the fibres, and can make white sheets appear yellow, it also has horrible impacts on the environment, and leaves a toxic residue on your sheets after every exposure. This is disastrous to put next to your skin.


6. No Fabric Softeners

Softeners work by coating the fibres in chemicals to feel soft. This is a stubborn residue that builds up over time, breaking down the fibres, blocking the breathability, and even fading colours.


7. Vinegar

This magic natural chemical helps brighten linens, dissolve residue buildup, softens fabric, eliminates odours, prevents yellowing, and is environmentally friendly. Wash them with 1/4 cup of white vinegar every 6-8 weeks.


8. Rotate Sheets

This tip has two meanings - not only is it a good idea to have a second sheet set to swap in each wash cycle, but to physically rotate where your feet rest can surprisingly extend the life of bed sheets as feet wear out sheets faster.


9. Let Sheets Breathe While Being Stored

Bed linens need to breathe, storing them in plastic can trap moisture and cause mildew. This can create unpleasant musty smells from your bedding.



By integrating these practices into your laundry routine, your bedding will remain soft, vibrant, and durable - extending their lifespan and maintaining their quality for more years than 'average'.

This not only prolongs your comfort, how far your purchase goes, and reduces unnecessary waste, but considerably supports sustainability.

Good on you!

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