Sleeping Hot

We all have issues sleeping from time to time however being too hot will consistently have a significant impact in your ability to sleep. It is typically accepted that your room should be between 21 and 23 degrees Celsius when sleeping.  Your body continues to perspire as you sleep. To maintain a satisfactory body temperature you need to remove this perspiration away from your body, even in winter.

Optimal Room Temperature - Degrees

High thread count sheets allow less air through the fabric (as the threads need to be wound very tight against each together). Lower thread count sheets with a thicker more absorbent yarn allow air to flow through the sheet onto your body.  Many lower priced sheets contain polyester and other synthetic fibres which cannot breath. This will significantly reduce the amount of air that passes through the sheet result in a hot sleep. Check the label.

Organic Cotton and Natural Bamboo make the best sheets. When made well from quality raw material they provide the right balance between comfort and style.  Non organic cotton is often coated with chemicals to “reduce wrinkling”. These chemicals contain formaldehyde which is a known carcinogen and will make it hotter as the cotton cannot breath as well.

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