What makes a luxury resort or spa experience special?

…’s having your guests feel that they are in an environment more luxurious and nurturing than their home; upgrading and retaining luxury linens is the first step to an ultimate guest experience.

Our difference is we will partner you in delivering these solutions in an economical way – we can advise on extending the life of your luxury linen, reducing the cost per night the resort has invested whilst preserving the guests luxury experience.

Talk to us at [email protected] about your specific requirements. We can also assist with eco-friendly support items;
Mattress Protectors
and Towels

Amongst our client list are the following:

Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley  |  Brae   |   Mountain Heritage Hotel & Spa Retreat   |   Spicers Sangoma

Longitude 131   |   Nikoi Island    |   Cempedak Private Island   |   Swell Lodge    |  Aro Ha Wellness Retreat  |  and more…