Tencel quilted pillow protector pairs


We offer a new peace-of-mind with our Tencel quilted pillow protector pairs.

In fact, you will find these are the ideal natural protection for anyone who recognises the need for fewer chemicals in their sleeping environment.  They provide perfect moisture management wicking away our perspiration quickly and delivering an extra comfort layer to your pillow without changing its shape.

  • breathable for a comfortable night’s sleep
  • void of any DNA changing toxins
  • machine washable, tumble dry
  • eco-friendly

Did you know that an unprotected pillow will gain 10% in weight each year? This is caused by the additional dust mite faecal matter left in your pillow by active dust mites – yuk!

The result of using these Tencel quilted pillow protector pairs, a soft and absorbent material, is a healthy barrier for you to rest your head on. This guarantees a pleasantly dry sleep. When moisture is produced it is directly absorbed from the skin and transported inside the fibre preventing bacteria from growing.

Don’t forget you’ll need mattress protectors too!

Sue H ***** Verified Buyer, Product Review 10/02/18

“Another great product, I love the quality and fit.”

Why you will love our pillow protectors:

  • Breathable – allowing air to pass through, to keep your body’s temperature even during sleep
  • Machine washable / tumble dry
  • Eco-friendly – made from natural fibres and following sustainable practices
  • Generously sized and easy to fit
  • Packed full of healthy Tencel – cloud like peace-of-mind
  • Doesn’t add to our daily toxic layering

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