Organic Cotton Bed Linen Sizes

Bassinet-80 x 120 (2)-
Cot (Boori)76 x 135 + 19140 x 150 + 19 (at bottom)40 x 60 (1)
Single91 x 190 + 40190 x 26050 x 75 (1)
Long Single91 x 203 + 40200 x 27550 x 75 (1)
Split King (Lg Sgl)91 x 203 + 40 (2)290 x 27550 x 75 (pair)
King Single107 x 203 + 40200 x 27550 x 75 (1)
Double137 x 190 + 40245 x 26050 x 75 (pair)
Queen153 x 203 + 45260 x 27550 x 75 (pair)
NZ King168 x 203 + 45290 x 27550 x 75 (pair)
King183 x 203 + 45290 x 27550 x 75 (pair)
Aust Super King203 x 203 + 45310 x 30050 x 75 (pair)

All sizes are in centimetres (cms) and products may vary slightly as many are generously made Dimensions listed are Width x Length.  "+"  denotes the size of the fitted sheet drop After wash sizes may vary due to care conditions

Organic Cotton Sheet Sets


ecoLinen sheet sets are made from crisp, breathable, GOTS certified organic cotton yarn, the ultimate in bed-time luxury.  Our sheeting construction is made specifically for ecoLinen Organic.   Now used exclusively in many Australian, New Zealand and South Pacific five star resorts.   GOTS is the highest organic textile certification in the world.   Luxury and sustainability don’t have to be mutually exclusive.   Our warm charcoal sheeting is expected to arrive in a few months time, we will update our website as soon as we hear they’re on their way.

Each sheet set includes:

  • 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, 1 pillowcase (for a bed designed for 1 person) or 2 pillowcases (for a bed designed for 2 people, or more!)
  • Our Long Single (5 piece) Sheet Set includes 2 long single fitted sheets, 1 king flat sheet and 1 pair of pillowcases.
  • Our Long Single (3 piece) Sheet Set includes 1 long single fitted sheet, 1 single flat sheet and 1 single pillowcase.

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Ps ***** Verified Buyer – Product Review   07/02/18         “Exactly what I’ve been searching for!!    I received my sheets last week and I couldn’t be more pleased with them.    They are the beautiful, crisp, old-fashioned, high-quality sheets I’ve been dreaming of and have not found ANYWHERE else.     Very impressed and over the moon with the value as well, considering I’ve spent more on sheet sets from high-end home/Manchester stores, and found them to be of disappointing/flimsy quality (and often too small for pillow top queen mattresses, despite purchasing queen size – whereas these ecoLinen sheets are generously sized).    These are magic, and I’ll definitely purchase from ecoLinen in the future. Thank you!!! :)”

Sammy H. ***** Verified Buyer – Product Review  25/12/18        “Beautiful Sheets –  I have just purchased my second organic cotton sheet set. These are undoubtedly the most comfortable, luxurious sheets I have ever slept on. Also breathe beautifully on hot summer nights. Will purchase more very soon and have recommended to my friends. I also purchased 2 face washers and these are a real quality product. As my current batch of towels wear out I will be replacing them with these. Service is outstanding.”   


Size Guide


A little bit about our organic cotton sheet sets…

Known for their breathability, your skin will love our organic cotton sheet sets. No more allergies from invisible toxins. Longer lasting sheets because they’re made, exclusively for ecoLinen, with thicker, superior yarn and extra wide thread. “These percale sheets are made of the finest 100% long staple Indian cotton, breathable, single-ply, single-pick construction.”

Made with GOTS organic cotton yarn from seed to dyeing to final finishing ready for sale, which includes fair working conditions for all workers, none of the genetically modified seed and no pesticides. We use certified organic dyes and our white fabric is whitened with a certified optical whitener by Control Union – certified safe and non-toxic for our skin.  This makes them kind to allergy suffers, one of the only completely chemical-free fibres for next to your skin.   Made sustainably and ethically without bleaches, toxic smoothers, or nasty finishing chemicals.

Why you’ll love our organic cotton sheet sets?

  • Menopause friendly – sleep better in breathable, slightly over-sized organic sheets
  • Allergy friendly – no toxins, certified safe by GOTS – making them safe for your skin
  • 90 day money-back, 5 year fabric and workmanship guarantee
  • Luxurious bed linen with thick and absorbent yarn
  • They’re made with double-weight, resort-style organic cotton

Our organic cotton is used in many exclusive resorts and boutique hotels around the world, including:

  1. Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort
  2. Nikoi Island Resort
  3. Cempadek Private Island
  4. The Chateau Spa
  5. Mountain Heritage

Many of our customers’ comment that our organic cotton sheet sets feel like the same quality sheets that their grandmother had on the bed when they were a child. We strive for every one of our organic cotton fabric products to be perfectly manufactured to the highest standards and we are happy to stand by this by offering an industry leading guarantee.  We stand behind the quality of our sheets and believe you should be happy with them or we will give you your money back.  We offer you and your family a 90-day money back guarantee and a five-year fabric and workmanship guarantee.

  • Free of toxic chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, synthetic fertilisers, formaldehyde’s and fabric smoothers – hypo-allergenic, no more allergies from invisible toxins, making these perfect for allergy sufferers.  These non-toxic methods are consistent with sustainable farming practices.
  • Longer cotton thread produces stronger, superior yarns that make our sheets crisper and last longer.
  • Very breathable and highly absorbent, your skin will love our organic cotton!  No more hot and cold sleeps, these sheets allow your body to sleep through.
  • Percale weave beautifully crafted in a 250TC with an extra thick, superior yarn
  • Machine washable. We recommend EcoStore laundry products

Allergies occur when a person’s immune system reacts to substances in the home and the environment that are fine for most people.  These are known as allergens and are found in house dust mites among other things.   Yarn made exclusively for ecoLinen, organic from soil & seed to our dye house and finishing products after the loom process.  No more allergies from invisible toxins. ecoLinen sheets made the European way – using thicker, heirloom quality, longer-lasting yarns. Oversized sheets, flat and fitted, size labels and old-school stitching on beautiful fabric.

Menopause friendly sheets

Our organic cotton sheet sets are menopause-friendly and will help you sleep better – as your body changes during menopause, some women will sleep very hot, often caused by hot flashes.  Our organic cotton sheets will continue to allow air to pass over your body and keep you naturally cooler.

Air is the key to better health:

  • cotton molecules are long twisted chains of cellulose.  The chains spiral around one another and they leave spaces that hold air.  These pockets of air each capture heat from the body and hinder it’s radiation into a cooler atmosphere.  The opposite is also true;  cotton protects the skin against a hot environment while absorbing moisture from the skin.  The vaporisation of moisture provides a cooling layer next to the skin.
  • synthetics, which are petroleum-based rather than cellulose compounds, must be woven or combined with natural fibres to provide the same type of insulation and ventilating properties.  Because of their compact molecular structures, they cannot capture air and “breathe” in the same way an natural fibres like cotton & wool.

The long, thick staples of cotton in combination with the weave style and thread count used in the menopause sheets, will help you sleep better.  You will feel secure surrounded by a thick and strong sheet and be more comfortable as the sheets wick away moisture from your body and allow air to pass over you.

Our sheets are sewn slightly oversized with a larger, opulent header on the flat sheet.  Fitted sheets are 45cm deep so they don’t pop off the mattress when making the bed and all sheets are sized labeled for ease of sheet choice at the linen cupboard door.


Allergy friendly sheets – sleep better in organic cotton

Our sheets are also allergy friendly. Made from GOTS certified organic cotton yarn making them kind to allergy suffers and safe for you and your loved ones – one of the only completely chemical-free fibres that are safe for next to your skin.

  • Allergy occurs when a person’s immune system reacts to substances in the home and the environment that are fine for most people. These are known as allergens and are found in house dust mites amongst other things.
  • ecoLinen yarn, from soil & seed, to our dye house & finishing products after the loom.  No more allergies from invisible toxins.
  • ecoLinen sheets made the european way – using thicker, heirloom quality, longer-lasting yarns.
  • oversized sheets, flat and fitted, size labels and old school stitching on beautiful fabric.

They are made from organic cotton which is cultivated without toxic chemicals and finished without formaldehyde and other cheap smoothers. The longer staples produce stronger yarns that make your sheets crisper. Known for its breath-ability, your skin will love our cotton.  No more allergies from invisible toxins.  Longer lasting sheets because they’re made with thicker, superior yarn.  Our sets are;

  • Known for breath-ability – your skin will love our organic cotton
  • Allergy friendly – no more allergies from invisible toxins
  • Longer-lasting sheets because they’re made with thicker, superior yarn.


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Bassinet, Cot, Single, Long Single (3 pce), Long Single (5 pce), King Single, Double, Queen, Aust King, NZ King, Super King


White, Warm Charcoal

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