Organic Cotton Quilt Cover Sizes

Quilt TypeCover Size (cms)Notes
Single140 x 210 + 5Plus 5cm flange on three sides
Double180 x 210 + 5Plus 5cm flange on three sides
Queen210 x 210 +7Plus 7cm flange on three sides
King245 x 210 + 7Plus 7cm flange on three sides
Super King270 x 240 + 7Plus 7cm flange on three sides

All sizes are in centimetres (cms) and products may vary slightly as many are generously hand made After wash sizes may vary due to care conditions

Organic Cotton Quilt Cover Set



This luxurious organic cotton quilt cover set gets better and better with age – just like your favourite pair of jeans.  Made exclusively for Ecolinen, this fabric is thick and crisp, creating resort-like sleep in your own home.

Our organic cotton quilt cover has a 7cm flange on three sides, button closures and deep quilt envelope to keep your quilt secure.

Each organic cotton quilt cover includes:

  • 1 organic cotton quilt cover, 1 hand-finished pillowcase (for beds designed for 1 person)
  • or 2 hand-finished pillowcases (for beds designed for 2 people or more!)





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Organic cotton quilt cover set

The luxurious Ecolinen organic cotton quilt cover sets come with matching pairs of tailored pillowcases. Sewn with a 7cm flange around three sides and finished with classic white button closure and a deep pocket for your inner quilt, this quilt cover set is popular for all size beds.  Our construction of fabric is made exclusively for Ecolinen Organic.  We use a thicker yarn and 250 threads per centimetre which allows the fabric to breathe, your skin to breath and is made to last.  The result is a thick and crisp resort like fabric, to luxuriate in each night.  This percale fabric is made from the finest 100% long staple Indian cotton, breathable, single-ply, single-pick construction.

The Ecolinen cotton gets softer and softer with age, and with every wash – just like your favourite pair of jeans!

What makes our quilt cover sets so special? They are made from GOTS certified organic cotton yarn which is cultivated without toxic chemicals and finished without formaldehyde and other smoothers.   The longer staples produce stronger yarns that make your sheets crisper. Known for its breathability, your skin will love our organic cotton.  No more allergies from invisible toxins.  Longer lasting linen because they’re made with thicker, superior yarn.

Our organic cotton quilt cover sets are;

  • Known for their breathability – your skin will love our organic cotton (Guaranteed!)
  • Free from invisible toxins which can be DNA changing and cause allergies
  • Longer lasting because of the thicker, superior yarn


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Single, Double, Queen, King, Super King

Quilt Colour

White, Stone, White & Stone Reversible, Silver, White & Warm Charcoal Reversible

Pillowcase Colour

White, Stone, Warm Charcoal

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