Bamboo Quilted Blanket and Pillowcase Sizes

TypeSize (cms)Notes
Blanket - King/Queen260 x 220 + 88cm flange
Std Pillowcase (Pair)75 x 50 +22cm Flange
Euro Pillowcase (Pair)65 x 65 + 22cm flange

All sizes are in centimetres (cms) and products may vary slightly as many are generously hand made After wash sizes may vary due to care conditions

Memory Fibre Dust Mite Free Pillows


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Soft and lightweight this pillow is comparable to down without the allergy issue.  A standard profile that will allow you to maintain your straight spine angle and help your head, neck and shoulders relax into your most comfortable sleep…

Offer includes:

One Standard Memory Fibre Dust Mite Free Pillow

Filling 1000grams

Size:  Standard – fits a standard 50 x 75cm pillowcase

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Memory Fibre Dust Mite Free Pillows

1000g / medium-high profile , with lots of squish that bounces back.  Very full and a lot of pillow for the price…memory fibre is the highest quality of microfibre available providing great support and breathability.  These Memory Fibre Dust Mite Free Pillows are encased in luxurious sateen cotton for the best sleep!

  • Satin edged with a gusseted wall, with new microfibre technology this pillow is machine washable on a gentle cycle…and line dry.  This product is Asthma and Allergy friendly.
  • With a five year guarantee, if care instructions are adhered to.

Men and women’s different builds will have an impact on pillow choice.  Often broader shouldered and sometimes heavier, men will need a sturdier, more filled pillow.  Most of us will have one primary sleep position although may use up to 6 different positions as we sleep.   Side sleepers, back and stomach sleepers are all able to use microfibre pillows for a satisfying and comfortable sleep.

  • Our body moisture, the atmosphere’s humidity, hair moisture and perspiration can all compress our pillows.  We all perspire whilst we sleep and it evaporates into our bedding.
  • Try a pillow protector with your new superior Memory Fibre Pillow as this will stop those lovely yellow stains appearing and will also provide some longevity for your pillow.
  • This pillow carries the international Oeko-Tex standard for safe dyes.



The protein found in dust-mites and their droppings is THE most common trigger of allergy and asthma symptoms. Dust-mite allergens affect 50 to 80 percent of people with allergies or asthma and can trigger lifelong allergies in newborns. A typical unprotected mattress may have anywhere from 10,000 to 10 million dust-mites inside. An unprotected pillow increases in weight 10% every two years due to dust-mites and dust-mite faeces. Inhaling dust-mite allergens can cause allergic reactions & asthma to people with sensitivity to them.


Use our certified organic cotton pillowcases to cover your new pillows



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