Ingeo corn fibre quilt


Ingeo™ products are made using abundant, locally available, sustainable resources.  Plant sources used to make Ingeo™ products include sugar cane, corn and beet.  They are incredibly light in weight but manage to achieve extremely high loft and give wonderful warmth.

Advantages of Ingeo

  • Transports vapour away from the body
  • Better sleep through maintaining a stable body temperature;
  • Naturally hypo-allergenic;
  • Exceptionally fluffy and lightweight
  • Provides warmth without weight and durable
  • Machine washable/tumble dryable
  • Has superior performance in shrinkage, pilling and wicking
  • The drying time for Ingeo fill is approx. 2 hours

Three weights:

  • Summer:  Whisper Loft 150gsm
  • Autumn, Spring:  300gsm
  • Winter: 430gsm

Single, Double, Queen, King, Super King


Whisper 150gsm, Light 300gsm, High 430gsm

Thick loft on your bed | Ingeo quilt made from corn fibre machine washable Ingeo corn fibre quilt
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