Quilt Sizes

Single140 x 210
Double180 x 210
Queen210 x 210
King245 x 210
Super King270 x 240

All sizes are in centimetres (cms) and products may vary slightly After wash sizes may vary due to care conditions

Certified organic cotton resort quilts Clearance


Some imperfects here, some have a small blemish, some have a black mark, we think they might be machine oil.  Commercial chemical-free washing has not removed the black mark so it won’t affect any sheeting you choose to put over the top….these are reduced in price quite considerably to acknowledge any marks.

Looking for pure certified organic cotton summer quilts?  Soft and warm and pure.

Made in India, these gorgeous quilts are free of toxic chemicals and completely organic inside and out.   For our peace-of-mind, we ensure each step is authentically managed by experts and signed off with the appropriate certificates issued by the inspecting officers.    We adhere to strict GOTS protocols and undergo rigorous checking and testing……. each and every process from the organic seed sown in the soil, to spinning and weaving through to dye houses using certified organic dyes.   Chemical free inner and chemical free outer and completely 100% GOTS certified.

  • Great quilts for hot sleepers
  • The best option for those with chemical sensitivities
  • The least impact on planet
  • Sustainably grown and made



This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Certified organic cotton resort summer quilts

We make only pure certified organic cotton resort quilts - no nasty chemicals, no toxins and no man-made fillers.

These quilts are made using only the finest ecoLinen specified certified organic cotton fabric and fibre.  WHY Organic I hear you ask...?  Read the link to understand more about what you're sleeping in and what it does to you and your family.

To establish the effectiveness and the longevity of these cotton quilts, they are stitched in a diamond pattern to ensure the cotton fibre stays in place.  In addition, the cover is made with first-rate quality certified organic cotton fabric, giving you a peaceful, breathable night’s sleep.  No overheating from man-made fibres that make your skin hot.

A great quilt, perfect for warmer climates and at least three of the seasons.  Add another cotton or blanket layer if not warm enough!

Gorgeously soft and wonderfully light, these quilts are made in India.  From seed sown in the soil to finished product, each step strictly adheres to GOTS protocols and is signed off by the checking certifiers.

Certified organic cotton resort quilts:
  • FILL:        Pure 100% GOTS certified organic cotton fibre
  • COVER:   Pure 100% GOTS certified organic cotton fabric
  • SIZES:     Single, Double, Queen and King
  • LOFTS:    Summer, Spring and Autumn, 200gms - an extra layer can be added (a cotton or woollen blanket) in order to make it winter worthy
  • CARE:      Gentle machine wash and line dry - loads of sunshine and air is best.
Quilt dimensions are listed below, we oversize so that one quick wash will have them down to the perfect size:  

Single:      140 x 210 cm
Double:     180 x 210 cm
Queen:      210 x 210 cm
King:          245 x 210 cm

See our certified organic cotton quilt covers to complete your best luxury bedding and with total peace-of-mind.  www.ecolinen.com.au/quilt-covers

Our mill is also FAIR TRADE and the comfort of knowing workers and families are paid well and are well cared for helps with our purchasing decisions.

Try our fabulous new cotton summer quilts because they are a lighter loft and provide 1-2 blankets warmth.     Perfect for summer.    Just add a blanket underneath your quilt to make it winter worthy!  Layer the blanket under rather than over your quilt so your quilt keeps its breathability

  • They’re made with GOTS Certified organic cotton
  • No GMO seeds, no alteration – made ethically
  • Oekto-tex Standard 100 certified – safe for our skin, made using FAIR TRADE mills
  • Made in certified Socially Compliant environment meaning workers and workers families supported

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Single, Double, Queen, King, Super King