Organic Cotton Bed Linen Sizes

Bassinet-80 x 120 (2)-
Cot (Boori)76 x 135 + 19140 x 150 + 19 (at bottom)40 x 60 (1)
Single91 x 190 + 40190 x 26050 x 75 (1)
Long Single91 x 203 + 40200 x 27550 x 75 (1)
Split King Long Singles91 x 203 + 40 (pair)290 x 27550 x 75 (pair)
King Single107 x 203 + 40200 x 27550 x 75 (1)
Double137 x 190 + 40245 x 26050 x 75 (pair)
Queen153 x 203 + 45260 x 27550 x 75 (pair)
NZ King168 x 203 + 45290 x 27550 x 75 (pair)
King183 x 203 + 45290 x 27550 x 75 (pair)
Aust Super King203 x 203 + 45310 x 30050 x 75 (pair)

All sizes are in centimetres (cms) and products may vary slightly as many are generously made Dimensions listed are Width x Length.  "+"  denotes the size of the fitted sheet drop After wash sizes may vary due to care conditions

Bamboo Sheet Separates



Our Bamboo viscose sheets are made of thicker, better quality yarn than most other bamboo sheets, which allows more air movement and better breathability, resulting in better sleep…we use a good quality yarn and 320 threads per square centimetre, which allows them to breathe well.

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Bamboo Sheet Separates

Sensuous yet sustainable, silky and soft, our bamboo sheet separates make for your best sleep. The fibre yield per acre from bamboo is up to 10 times higher than cotton and it requires less than 1/10th of the water that cotton needs.  We use a thicker yarn than most other bamboo sheet makers which allows more air movement and better breath-ability – just like your favourite pair of jeans, our bamboo sheet separates will become your best sheets.

Our Bamboo viscose fabric is made from natural bamboo plant fibres. Viscose is the process of regenerated cellulose made from plants or in our case bamboo.  The cellulose is broken down and then made into a fibre.  And it’s biodegradable!

Viscose bamboo is also naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and hypoallergenic.

  • ecoLinen bamboo twill weave, silky-smooth with a natural lustre
  • lets your body breath organically and promotes a restful and serene sleep, highly absorbent, wicking moisture away quickly allowing your best sleep on muggy seasonal nights
  • remains silky-smooth even after washing

Bamboo is one of the fastest organically growing plants in the world, absorbing about 5 times the amount of carbon dioxide as the same number of regular trees.  So far, there are no GMO versions of bamboo.

Bamboo viscose sheets are also:

  • tremendous for allergy-sufferers
  • inherently anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, stays cooler, longer
  • Machine washable. We recommend EcoStore laundry products

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