Bamboo Quilted Blanket and Pillowcase Sizes

TypeSize (cms)Notes
Blanket - King/Queen260 x 220 + 88cm flange
Std Pillowcase (Pair)75 x 50 +22cm Flange
Euro Pillowcase (Pair)65 x 65 + 22cm flange

All sizes are in centimetres (cms) and products may vary slightly as many are generously hand made After wash sizes may vary due to care conditions


Bamboo Quilted Pillowcases

$79.90 $59.90


Bamboo quilted pillowcases are square stitched design, premium bamboo filled, gorgeous for that sensory experience.   Particularly kind to sensitive skin.

  • Bamboo viscose quilted pillowcases, both inner fibre and outer fabric
  • Naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, super absorbent and breathable
  • Machine wash and line dry
  • 65cm x 65cm – european pillowcase for euro size pillows – our only size left now and colour is SAND/Champagne.


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Bamboo Quilted Pillowcases

Almost finished in our warehouse, we have one beautiful colour left in our viscose bamboo quilted pillowcases range (Sand/Champagne). A matching euro pillowcase pair and matching our quilted bamboo blankets.  A square grid stitch line across the pillowcases remind us of eiderdowns our granny used to swear by and with a delicious weight to sleep under, these pillowcases are ideal for Autumn, Spring and Summer.

Our favourite pillowcases breathe beautifully, wicking away moisture more quickly than any other fibre.

Made from bamboo viscose, this fibre is naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial and naturally anti-fungal.  Even dust mites don’t live in these as there is no protein for them, no food, so no dust mites!

Bamboo absorbs moisture in a completely natural way and rapidly releases it again into the atmosphere allowing us undisturbed, deep sleep.  The body passes through various phases as we sleep.   If our circulation is constantly preoccupied with warming up and cooling down our bodies, then our sleep is easily disturbed.  Our bodies can release as much as 400mls of water vapour while asleep.  So it’s important to allow our skin the chance to breathe as we perspire and the bamboo viscose fabric to wick away any moisture quickly which allows us to sleep through.

Care Instructions:

  •  Machine wash in cold water – 30 degrees maximum
  • Line dry in shade
  • no bleach or fabric softener

Additional information

Bamboo Item

Tailored Pillowcase Pair, European Pillowcase Pair


Silver, Sand

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