We know that one of life’s little luxuries is that feeling when you lie between fresh, crisp, clean sheets.

We were founded with the purpose of bringing simply beautiful and luxurious eco-friendly bedding to the world, providing a sensible and safe alternative to conventional cotton and man-made fibres.  The quality of our bed linen is testament to our dedicated team who work with enormous passion to deliver “heirloom quality” products.

It is apparent that there is a growing issue with the conventional cotton industry. Cotton farmers are being forced from the land and factory workers work in very poor conditions and for very little money. This is fuelled by large multinational organisations driving for market domination in farming, manufacturing and retail industries.  We ensure that you can dream easy in the knowledge that we are looking out for all the people throughout the entire manufacturing cycle. Find out more 

With over thirty years of combined experience in the textile industry, our team and customers continue to see the benefits of organic textiles. We enrich the craft of sheet construction with a commitment to protecting our environment and fulfilling people’s desire for quality and beauty.

When you understand the health issues with conventional cotton farming and manufacturing, you will think twice about exposing your family to toxic chemicals. Kids and chemicals don’t mix.

Unmatched Craftmanship

It starts at the organic cotton farms where, through certification, we ensure our farmers are happy. Happy farmers equals happy cotton.

Our farmers are happy because we look after them, allowing them to concentrate on what they do best, farm beautiful cotton. Organic cotton is traditionally grown on small farms where the skills required to grow cotton have been passed down from generation to generation. There exists a real passion for beautiful cotton.

The artisans in the cotton mill and the factory are well experienced in delivering quality. We continually work with them to make incremental improvements – a journey that in our opinion, will never end.

Learn more about how we look after our farmers.

Fair Prices

We control the entire process – from farmers to delivery to you. Therefore we keep our costs as low as possible and don’t need to pay all the agents along the way. We offer high quality products with lower markups. That’s how we deliver Luxury for Less to you.

Looking out for each other

In recent decades the cotton industry has been self-destructing as farmers were sold genetically modified (GM) cotton seed. Promised higher cotton yields and greater profits, in reality the farmer is now exposed to more chemicals than ever before and returns less profit. Mono-cropping is acceptable on GM seed farms exposing the farmer to further economic hardship when the weather turns and the crop fails.

The big national retailers and global brands now own the majority of the market pushing their own brands and private labels to increase their profits, reducing competition and sustainability.  This is why we are part of the GOTS certification process – delivering sustainable farming practises and a safe work environment for all people involved throughout the supply chain.

From our farmers to factory workers, we know that they are treated fairly, are paid correct wages and have the best resources and education for today and the future.

What is GOTS?

In 2006 the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) was formed to define the requirements for organic textiles. GOTS certification ensures true organic textiles.  

ecoLinen is proud to have been the first bed linen company to be certified organic in Australia by Control Union, formerly known as SKAL International which means you are guaranteed that this product is 100% organic cotton. Safe for you and your family.