Our Fabrics

It’s what is on the inside that matters

Fabric selection is arguably the most important part of our job. When you initially feel our fabric, that is the moment that you know you have made the right decision.

It’s not a numbers game – the truth about Thread Count

Thread count is the total number of treads woven into a 10sqcm.  The thickness and length each fibre determines the overall finish of the fabric. The longer the fibre, the less fibres required and the finer and stronger the fabric will be.  It is the balance between thread count and yarn thickness that will make the perfect sheet.

High thread count sheets, use a thin yarn to fit them all tightly together. The thinner the yarn the less absorbent and the less moisture will be drawn away from your skin, resulting in a hotter sleep. High thread count sheets have a shorter life as the threads rub harder against one another.  Many companies will sell on thread count alone and charge you more the higher the thread count. However you can have a higher thread count fabric with less cotton used in the fabric.

In the End

At the end of the day, the quality is dependent upon however much total fabric you are buying. Weigh the sheets to see how much cotton or bamboo you are actually getting. Or just feel them, you know what you like. CHOICE, the leading Australian consumer advocacy group, summarises the thread count debate well, check it out here.


‘The Classic’ – 100% Organic Cotton

Grown on sustainable farms and internationally certified, organic cotton has no nasty chemicals, guaranteed.  Remember how good your Grandma’s sheet were when you were a kid. Climbing into bed under those rich and thick sheets – well you can experience it all again.

Our wider, breathable 250TC thick 30’s yarn, creates a breathable fabric that helps you sleep better. Just like your favourite pair of jeans, they get better with age.

Why is Organic Cotton better for me?

ecoLinen Organic cotton is free from toxic dyes, harmful pesticides, insecticides and harsh chemicals including formaldehyde (linked to some cancers). Conventional cotton production uses many chemicals in the growing of the cotton and the production of the final products.



What nasties are in conventional cotton?

The real nasties is conventional cotton include:

  • Genetically modified cotton seed
  • Chlorine and heavy metal dyes
  • Formaldehyde resins

Millions of cotton farmers suffer pesticide poisoning each year as it takes half a kilo of pesticides and fertilizers to produce one conventional cotton sheet. Is it really worth it?

What are the benefits of Organic Cotton?

The key benefits of Organic Cotton include:

  • Hypo-allergenic, allergy-friendly & safe for your entire family, especially people with acute allergies and chemical sensitivities. ecoLinen Organic sheets have been constructed so they breath to allow your body to regulate your body temperature.
  • Organic cotton uses no chemicals and hence there is not reduction in the strength of the fibre. Therefore, the sheets will last longer than conventional cotton sheets. Organic Cotton sheets are strong and thick, just like Grandma’s sheet used to feel.
  • Better for the environment – today and in the future.

Our bodies are constantly fighting the toxins found in the products around us. Don’t add to this while you sleep.


“The Softie” – 100% Certified Bamboo

Bamboo is grown organically on sustainable farms without any chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers.  Bamboo sheets are silky smooth due the long natural threads which assist people with skin conditions by reducing the annoyance of rough fabric against irritated skin.  It has an amazing ability to pull moisture away from your body, making it a good choice in warmer climates and during summer months.

Less chemicals are used in the production of bamboo sheets than conventional cotton and with it’s soft and gentle feel, bamboo will be better for people with sensitive skin.


Why would you buy Bamboo Sheets

  • Soft, smooth with a very cool luxurious feel
  • Natural anti-bacterial qualities, perfect for allergy sufferers
  • The bamboo is grown organically – it is chemical free (and has the added benefit of being very sustainable)