ecoLinen has always viewed the fabrics we choose as ‘steps in the continuum’ of better health than what mainstream offers

  • Our bamboo viscose is a starting point, better than conventional cotton as it makes use of a plant that grows organically
  • Our Tencel eucalyptus wood pulp fabric and fibre is the next step up with less chemicals involved and a closed loop on output into our environment
  • Our best step so far is our certified organic cotton, with no chemicals involved in the growing, making and ‘finishing’ of this product. Better for our farmers and best for our skin

As a company we are always searching for better steps and are always looking to improve the ranges we offer

We see sustainability as a journey not a destination –  there is always more we can do to improve our footprint and our customer experience. For this reason we sign off our work as “toward sustainable textile solutions”

It’s great to be challenged by our customers to be better…we then challenge our supply partners in pushing for better outcomes for all of us and the planet

The areas we won’t compromise on is quality  – we all need to buy fewer better things – so for ecoLinen it’s always about the highest grades of combed cotton that last longer, woven on the world best most efficient looms

We can all create a luxury experience without compromising the earth and its people

ecoLinen organic cotton sheet set stack
ecoLinen organic cotton sheet set stack