Mattress Protection

Mattress protection is essential for all mattresses to protect your expensive asset and maintain hygiene, especially when you think you spend a third of your life in bed.  Mattress protection comes in two main forms.


Waterproof mattress protection preventing liquids from penetrating and staining your mattress


Non-waterproof mattress protection will be cooler to sleep on than waterproof, however liquids can penetrate through to the mattress.

A note on full mattress encasement

Dust mites are the No. 1 cause of allergies.  Allergy centres recommend the No. 1 way to reduce your exposure to dust mites is to encase your mattress and pillow preventing dust mites from accessing you and feeding off your dead skin. Mattress protection is available as a slip-on over your mattress or as a full encasement made from eucalyptus fibre and cotton bamboo blends.

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