Lettuce Deliver

Lettuce Deliver

Here’s a really cool service that delivers a smart, healthy alternative to the products available in the multinational supermarkets.

If you are searching for fresh food that has not been treated with chemicals then take a look at this.

Lettuce Deliver delivers top quality products, straight to your door.

  • Certified organic Australian grown fruit & vegetables
  • Certified organic meat, chicken and milk
  • Fresh breads and thousands of grocery items

The Stuart family started this business in 1999 with the vision to enable all Australians to have access to the best local produce. They have cooperative agreements with growers and suppliers which not only sees that they receive the best quality produce, everyone pays a fair price and is treated well along the way.

And the best of all – Lettuce Deliver do not hold stock. They purchase all the products as you order them, fresh and directly from the source. You won’t be eating old bananas ever again!

And this is all supported by a money back guarantee.

Check them out at www.lettucedeliver.com.au.