We are passionate and enthusiastic Kiwi’s now living in Australia, who love taking care of the planet as much as we love beautiful bed linen!   Having always worked closely with household bedding, our combined desire to bring luxury yet sustainable sheets into your home or your holiday has became paramount.

We decided to closely monitor our sleep and began to notice that our quality of sleep had not been up to standard often leaving us to pick up the pieces with drowsy eyes the following day.  Both of us decided to get right back to basics and research the exact textiles we had been sleeping in.  How often do any of us look at this?   We spend half our lives in bed, why don’t we want to be blanketed by luxury, safe and the most durable products we can get?

After some discussion and research, we discovered that there were very few products in the market that were made without chemicals or toxic dyes.  Yes, I did say TOXIC.

These toxic dyes would often end up in open drains;  something Tim frequently witnessed during his textile research trips in India.   Whilst Tim was horrified about toxins free-flowing into the drains, I began to questions why my sheets were never quite like ‘my grannies’.  A night at Gran’s house meant a great night sleep in thick crisp, durable cotton sheets that last.  Why is the modern world never quite like Grans!

  • In 2003, this knowledge and desire to create linen that would last, that were made sustainably that breathed with your skin and above long-lasting,   Ecolinen was born.
  • Ecolinen has a passion to bring Gran’s sheets into your home.
  • Ever gone to a hotel and wondered why you have had such a good sleep?  Why wouldn’t you want to bring this feeling into your everyday life?

After some years of hard work, we have stuck by our passion and it hasn’t gone unnoticed!     Luxury resorts around Australia have taken to the unparalleled quality of the bedding and Ecolinen now call these resorts home.   The sheets not only provide your body with the best chance of a good night’s sleep, they are ethically minded and made for longevity – just another reason to satisfy customers.

In 2007, we launched this website allowing anyone to bring their holiday home with them without breaking the bank or better yet giving you Gran’s sheets with a fresh modern twist.

Experience, indulge and take the best possible care of you and your loved ones by experiencing everything that is Ecolinen.

EcoLinen Organic Cotton Resort Sheets and Covers